History of the wind instruments competiton in Brno

The multisectional competition for young musicians was established in 1973 from the iniciative of prominent teachers, interprets and producers of music instruments (Amati Kraslice). The competition took place in Kraslice and became a pre-round for the international music competition Prague Spring.

Because of the change of the regime and political situation in the country the competition stopped existing after 1990. But teachers from Czech and Slovak Republic have decided that it`s necessary that the competition continues so in 1995 the society called Hornforum arranged the competiton for French horn.

Since 1997 the Association of the Interpretative Brasswind Instruments Competition Brno has been the organizer of the multisectional competition (French horn, trumpet, trombone and tuba). The competitors are students from elementary schools, intermediate schools and universities from Czech and Slovak Republic.

Turning point is the sixth year (2007) when the competition is opened also for foreign students within the countries of V4.

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