on-line application form - JUNIOR

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about the competitor
name: surname:
date of birth: - - (day-month-year)
instrument: category: A: borned 1. 9. 2008 and younger)
B: borned between 31. 8. 2008 and 1. 9. 2006 inclusive
C: borned between 31. 8. 2006 and 1. 9. 2004 inclusive
Students of the 1st year of the conservatory or music secondary school - music gymnasium are NOT allowed to compete in the JUNIOR C category!
competition repertoire:
address of the competitor:
street: No.: town: zcode:
state: contact e-mail:
I agree that name and family name of the competitor will be published in the lists of competitors and the competition scores.
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NO = Only a registration number will be published instead of name.    
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school and teacher
name of the school:
address of the school:
name and surname of the teacher:
name and surname of the accompanist:

I declare that the data stated in this application are true and binding, that I know the conditions of the competition and yhat I am the legal representative of the competitor or I have consent of the legal representative to aplly this competitor.